Carpe pm!

Or, more accurately: “Carpe diem”, “Seize the day”, “Don’t put off ’til tomorrow what you can do today”. These ‘go-to-it!’ phrases are all well and good but, for most of us, it’s much easier said than done. Since the deadline for my book “Career planning for research bioscientists” was agreed with the publishers for the end of January (2012), household chores have suddenly become really attractive: the house is vacuumed, the dishes cleaned, the washing done. Retail therapy has also moved up my list of priorities and what better time to be spending my time (and money) than at the December/January sales perusing bargains (I got a great pair of half-price pyjamas yesterday). But it’s no good. This displacement activity has got to stop. After tonight, I’m back on track …. I have to admit to having most of the book done now but the mince pies and red wine have hampered my progress over the Christmas period.  I’ll keep you informed of progress over the next few weeks but here’s a quick preview of the book contents.
1.      Introduction to career planning
2.      Self-awareness.
3.      Opportunities
The job market (job-seeking)
The hidden job market (networking)
4.      Case Studies (career profiles)
5.      Transition (the process of moving on in your career)
Making applications (including example CVs)
Interview technique
6. Enhancing your employability
7. Decision making and action planning
8. Resources and bibliography

The resolve starts tomorrow morning – I’ve heard it’s quite a good hang-over cure … Post a comment if you have any suggestions to help ease things along!

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