#Hashtag your way to a job!

Following on from my recent blog on the importance of using LinkedIn as part of an effective job-seeking strategy, today I’m flying the flag for the Twitter Hashtag #. This seemingly small and modest symbol is, in fact, large and powerful and you should aim to befriend it as soon as possible!

Here’s 3 ways the # can help you: 

1.      JOBS, FUNDING AND COURSES are advertised on Twitter and are usually tagged with a # according to the subject discipline or type of job. So if you’re searching for a particular type of career this is a great search device. You can append ‘jobs’ in your search or use more inclusive descriptors. 

Eg. #pharmajobs #biomedicaljobs #ecologyjobs #bioinformatician
#pharma #plantscience #sciencefunding #womeninscience 

2.      FINDING PEOPLE AND NETWORKING with your peers using the # allows you to find out about what’s going on in your field, the gossip, the politics, opinions and facts. If you’re thinking of moving into a new career area, using the # can also give you insights into other people’s worlds to get you up to speed on their current issues and exchanges. This will enable you to make informed decisions about changing careers as well as giving you the opportunity to network with professionals in this field and find jobs.

Eg. #patentjobs #scicommjobs #scicomm #financejobs #policyjobs #teachingjobs

3.      CONFERENCES AND MEETINGS nearly always carry a # these days enabling you to tweet with other delegates ahead of the meeting as well as during it. You can find out who is going and what their interests are. You may even find yourself communicating with senior researchers or professors, which gives you an ‘opener’ and makes it much easier to talk with them face-to-face when you get to the meeting. Furthermore, if you are not attending a particular conference you can still keep up with the research talks by following the conference # tweeters. This can also be useful if there are parallel sessions at your own conference so you can find out what’s happening in the other lecture theatres.  

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