EMBO Lab Management courses

All year round

Heidelberg, Germany

A mixture of courses aimed at postdocs, female scientists, academic leaders.

Medical communications careers events

All year round

Various venues in the UK

A useful starting point for those considering a career in medical communications. Their website also has videos, webinars and other information useful for those making a decision about entering this profession.

Getting into Medical Science Liaison (webinar)

23rd February 2019 (02.00 – 03.15 am GMT)

This free webinar is hosted by Matijn Bijker, founder of the and aims to help those who are looking to break into this career without any prior experience.

Research Opportunities in France (webinar)

14th March 2019 (14.00 – 15.00 CET)

Discover opportunities for PhD-qualified researchers in this free webinar is hosted by Association Bernard Gregory and

Nature Careers Expo

21st – 23rd March 2019


This Expo consists of three half-day sessions where you have the opportunity to meet employers from Chinese academic institutions.

BCF Careers Fair

23rd May 2019

Utrecht, The Netherlands

This annual science career fair features over 100 organisations, a programme of talks and workshops as well as the opportunity to have your CV checked.

DKFZ Career Days 2019

31st May – Medical Physics

11th October – Science communication

6th December – Research and Development

Heidelberg, Germany

These free events aim to provide insights into different career paths.

Naturejobs Expo

3rd October 2019

London, UK

This long-standing career fair aimed at science graduates and researchers features exhibitors, talks and a CV-checking service.

PhD Talent Career Fair

18th October 2019

Paris, France

This event is the largest career fair in Europe with over 150 exhibitors and is aimed at PhD students and researchers from all disciplines looking to move into the private sector.

Royal Society of Biology (RSB) career events

Throughout the year

Mainly held in London but look out for other venues

Keep an eye on this website for a range of careers events – good value if you join the RSB!


For lots more meetings see the following sites:

THE NODE: Biology conferences, meetings, training, workshops

VITAE: Diary of careers events for postgrads and postdocs in the UK. EMBL: Calendar of training events.

EMBO: Practical courses

EMBO: Lab Management courses

YESBiotechnolgy 2013 Entrepreneurship training

Science Festivals

SCIENTIFIC MEETINGS: Don’t forget that many scientific meetings organise a programme of careers events and activities in parallel to their main science programme.

If you have a meeting you would like to be added to this list contact Sarah Blackford

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Naturejobs Expo (4th October 2018,  London) Videos of the presentations can be located here:

Researcher Futures (23rd February 2017)

This one-day workshop sponsored by the Physiological Society and the Society for Experimental Biology aimed to support mid/senior postdocs with their career planning, whether they are considering staying in academic research or moving to a non-academic career path.

European Open Science Forum (ESOF) 2016

24th & 25th July 2016 (Manchester) This biennial event is a festival of science aimed at the public and also includes a two-day career programme for early career researchers and PhD students. Sessions were focussed on all areas of career development and management. Presentation slides and blogs from the sessions will appear shortly.

EMBO Meeting 2012 – Careers Day

22 – 25th September 2012 Nice, France

Science Communication training workshop 2012

7th June, 2012 London Organised by the Society for Experimental Biology, Biochemical Society and British Ecological Society.

See blogs: So you want to do a science communication project

“If you don’t talk about it you haven’t done it”

Standing up for Science Media workshops

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